graphic showing pollutants being filtered out from the air through an air purifier

The Benefits of Using an Air Purification System

Have you been sneezing more often while indoors? Are your allergy symptoms worsening? This could be the result of poor indoor air quality. According to studies conducted by the EPA, the air within our homes can be up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. This is because we work diligently to seal our homes to increase energy efficiency. While our utility bills may be lower, our home comfort may suffer because the contaminated air is trapped and continuously circulating indoors. At Titanium Plumbing & Heating, we offer a great way to remedy this situation: an air purification system. We install LED air purifiers in both residential and commercial settings in Bergen County.

How Air Purification Systems Work

Air purification systems are designed to reduce contaminants at the source. Our technicians can install them into any forced air system where they work to recreate the natural way the environment removes any impurities in outside air. This is especially important in commercial settings where the spaces are designed to be high occupancy and the massive amount of people congregated in one building contribute to a large amount of pollution and contamination.

An air purification system is capable of:

  • Attacking microbes—viruses, bacteria, and mold spores
  • Destroying impurities—VOCs, chemicals, and odors
  • Improve any existing filtration by causing allergens to stick together
  • Reduce the number of germs in a sneeze by 98% before they travel 3 feet

The Advantages of an Air Purification System

While an air purification system is a considerable investment, there are many benefits to installing one in your property. In medical facilities, air purification systems have been able to decrease the amount of MRSA cases. Public schools using air purification systems have shown a documented 15% decrease in absentee rates.

Other advantages of an air purification system include:

  • Longer HVAC lifespan and better efficiency
  • Less dust accumulation
  • Reduced pet dander and hair throughout your property
  • Lack of strong odors including foul cooking smells and cigarette smoke
  • Reduced allergy, asthma, or other respiratory condition symptoms
  • Lower risk of mold growth in your property

At Titanium Plumbing & Heating, our Bergen County technicians can expertly install an air purification system in your residential or commercial property.

Just give us a call at (201) 355-5582 or contact us online to schedule service. We’ll have you breathing fresher, cleaner air in no time.

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